Coaching FAQ

I've never done a container before. Can you tell me more about this type of experience?

Of course! A container is an immersive experience of vocal coaching set within a specific timeframe (in this case, 3 months). It's a safe space for deep study, experimentation, play, and ultimately, transformation with unlimited support from me, your coach. The set timeframe helps you take massive and meaningful leaps in your singing while propelling you towards your desired goals.

What results have you helped facilitate with past clients?

I've helped clients:

  • Book highly sought-after performance opportunities

  • Experience their most successful audition seasons to date

  • Record EPs *and feel amazing about the result*

  • Create comprehensive vocal regimens that support both their goals and desired lifestyles

  • Jump back into singing in the most effective way possible after taking some time off

What’s included in a 3-month container?

  • 3 hour-long coaching sessions/ month (9 total) plus 1 “off” week/ month for integration

  • Initial strategy call to discuss goals and desires in detail

  • A customized action plan for your desired goals

  • Unlimited email and text support throughout the length of your container

  • Recordings of all coaching sessions upon request

  • Any additional resources created for your specific program, such as recordings of exercises or reading materials

What happens over the course of a container?

Two big shifts tend to take place over the course of a container:

  1. You will identify and shed the layers of unhelpful and muddled material we pick up in our training and experiences. In doing this, we create the space to REMEMBER the most potent versions of our artistic expertise.

  2. You will then take that artistic expertise that you’ve recovered and transcend beyond what you thought possible while working towards a specific goal/ desire.

What’s the time commitment like?

These containers are designed to be powerful but flexible with your unique schedule. Aside from our weekly hour-long coaching sessions, the time you put into the work is entirely up to you. 

This is a YES for me! How do I sign up?

Fill out this short and sweet application, and I'll be in touch within 24 hours. 

What happens after I apply?

We'll decide together whether we’re a good fit to collaborate on your desired goals. If so, we’ll get you set up with all the info you’ll need, including confirming a date and time for our weekly sessions.

Still on the fence? Shoot me a message, and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.