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One-on-One Coaching Container


Don't mind my switch over to the first-person narrative. I figured we should chat as friends, especially since it looks like we're going to be spending some quality time together :). 

I'm currently offering highly concentrated 3-month coaching container programs for advanced/ professional singers designed around your specific goals and desires.

Using my signature method based in optimal coordination, holistic use of the voice, and performance readiness, I help singers create highly reliable and precise strategies for achieving your highest level of performance. I teach the tools necessary for performing with the utmost fluency and confidence so that singing with the quality you desire is no longer a hoped-for result but a given.


Why 3 months? After over a decade of teaching voice, I've found that concentrated periods of supercharged, focused work lead to transcendent results much more successfully than ongoing sessions.


You will leave our work together feeling empowered, self-reliant, and poised to soar.

Here’s a small handful of examples for how this container could be useful for you:

  • I’m preparing for upcoming performances/ projects/ auditions and want to seriously up my game.

  • I want to overcome a major obstacle, such as a plateau in my vocal technique or a debilitating tangle in my belief system, and gain vocal freedom.

  • I want to jumpstart my vocal progress in the most effective way possible after taking some time off.

Interested to learn more? Check out the coaching container FAQ

Ready to take flight?
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The short and sweet application ensures that I have all the details regarding your desired results for our time together. Once you apply, we'll decide together whether we're a good fit to collaborate.

Rebecca Richardson, Soprano & Voice Coach