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Rebecca's writing trajectory began in the academic circuit by writing program notes for orchestra concerts while pursuing her master's degree. Ever since, Rebecca has embraced the medium as an active participant in her work in music and voice coaching. She has contributed articles to several education and wellness-based institutions, such as TakeLessons, MusikaModern Singer, and The Maps Institute. Her writing style is known for its levity and accessibility, like sitting down for a chat with a good friend.

In 2018, fueled by her passion for both classical music and wine (which happen to be perfect companions), she created her own writing space - Will Sing for Wine. The blog offers resources and inspiration for the music lover and creative thinker, and its primary aim is to help bridge the gap between classical music lovers and those less familiar with the art form.

Rebecca Richardson, Soprano & Voice Coach

Wine Pairings with Schubert

A quintessential post for Will Sing for Wine offering wine pairings with four of the composer's most famous musical works.

Tight Jaw? These Simple Tips Are a Game-Changer

An article for The MAPS Institute offering simple but effective ideas for relieving jaw tightness and creating more curiosity around everyday jaw use. 

Discovering the Truth Behind the Marking

A guest post for Kate Conklin's blog on interpreting dynamic markings, action, and honesty in performance.

How to Write Program Notes

An article for Modern Singer detailing the essential steps for creating program notes for your next musical event.

Opera in Pop Culture: Film

A popular post for Will Sing for Wine exploring how opera has been used in and influenced by film.

For article and collaboration requests, please contact Rebecca here.

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