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One-on-One Container

Don't mind my switch over to the first-person narrative. I figured we should chat as friends for this portion, especially since it looks like we're going to be spending some quality time together :). 

I'm currently offering highly concentrated coaching container programs in 6, 9, and 12-week durations depending on your specific goals and desires. Why just a few weeks? Because I’m not interested in helping you take baby steps towards your performance goals and desires in order to keep you on as a long-term client. I’m interested in helping you take MASSIVE steps that you can carry forward beyond our time together as an empowered artist.

When you’re booked in a container with me, you are getting access to the full extent of my knowledge base, resources, and network of badass masterminds. 


You will leave our work together feeling empowered, liberated, self-reliant, and poised to soar.

Our goal is to create so much magic together in these collaborative sessions that you'll reach your results within our compressed timeframe and then some.

Here’s a small handful of examples for how this container would be useful for you:

  • I’m preparing for upcoming performances/ projects/ auditions and want to seriously up my game.

  • I want to overcome a major obstacle, such as a plateau in my vocal technique or a debilitating tangle in my belief system, and gain vocal freedom.

  • I want to jumpstart my vocal progress in the most effective way possible after taking some time off.

The details:

  • Weekly hour-long one-on-one coaching sessions

  • Initial strategy call to discuss goals and desires

  • A customized action plan for your desired goals 

  • Unlimited email and text support throughout the length of our container

  • Recordings of all coaching sessions upon request 

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As an educator and voice coach, Rebecca has designed a supercharged and reliable coaching program consisting of an amalgam of principles drawn from (but not limited to) skilled performance technique, human design, holistic use of the voice, the Alexander Technique, and over a decade of teaching experience.


She helps vocalists transform their relationship with their voices and forge utterly new pathways, resulting in the deepest understanding of the voice... and ourselves. She will shine a light on your chosen journey and doing everything in her power to help you along the way. 

In addition to teaching voice lessons and coaching singers and speakers of all experience levels for the past decade, Rebecca holds a MM degree in Voice Performance from The Boston Conservatory and a BA in Applied Music (Voice Emphasis) from Pepperdine University.


She has spent the past several years mentoring with master performance and Alexander Technique coach, Kate Conklin. Through her work with Kate, Rebecca completed in-depth studies in elite performance coaching, human movement and design, the use of the Alexander Technique, and teaching with the Alexander Technique. 

Rebecca Richardson, Soprano & Voice Coach
Rebecca Richardson, Soprano & Voice Coach