As an educator and voice coach, Rebecca helps highly skilled singers transform their relationship with their voices and forge utterly new pathways, resulting in the deepest understanding of the voice... and themselves. Her keen observational skills allow her to help facilitate transformational results in her clients from day one.

Most recently, she designed a supercharged coaching container program consisting of an amalgam of principles drawn from (but not limited to) the Alexander Technique, skilled performance practices, holistic use of the voice, and over a decade of teaching experience. 

Rebecca has spent the past several years mentoring with extraordinary performance and Alexander Technique coach, Kate Conklin. Through her work with Kate, Rebecca completed in-depth studies in elite performance coaching, human movement and design, the Alexander Technique. 


Rebecca holds a MM degree in Voice Performance from The Boston Conservatory and a BA in Applied Music (Voice Emphasis) from Pepperdine University. Additionally, she has over a decade of experience teaching vocalists of all musical styles and skill levels.  

Rebecca Richardson, Soprano & Voice Coach
Current Offerings

3-Month Coaching Container

Designed for advanced/ professional singers, these highly concentrated one-on-one containers are programmed around their specific goals and desires. Using her signature method based in optimal coordination, holistic use of the voice, and performance readiness, Rebecca helps singers create highly reliable and precise strategies for achieving their highest level of performance.