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Rebecca helps professional singers and speakers master fluency and ease in their performing through optimal coordination. Optimal coordination involves learning how to most effectively cooperate with your whole, unique being so you can perform any activity, singing or otherwise, with the quality you desire. 

Rebecca’s coaching method synthesizes principles from the Alexander Technique, elite performance practices, holistic use of the voice, and over a decade of teaching experience. Her keen observational skills allow her to help facilitate transformational results in her clients from day one.


Most recently, Rebecca designed a powerful and comprehensive coaching container program to help vocalists create reliable, precise strategies for achieving your highest level of performance. This level of work transcends the performance sphere and encourages you to approach any activity with curiosity and conscious thought.


​Rebecca has spent the past several years under the mentorship of extraordinary performance and Alexander Technique coach, Kate Conklin. Through her work with Kate, Rebecca completed in-depth studies in high-level performance coaching, human movement and design, and the Alexander Technique.

Rebecca Richardson, Soprano & Voice Coach

"Rebecca is an amazingly well-versed and empathetic teacher. She cares so much about each client and possesses the tools to help them achieve whatever they really want to find within their artistic work. She has the background of being an amazing performer, so she viscerally knows the performing world and the challenges present in navigating that. She is excellent at helping each person hone on and get very specific about what they truly yearn for, both in the immediate moment of a song or aria, and also overall in their work. Then, she can deliver the skills to help them get those results repeatedly. Her training on optimal coordination is second to none, and will up the game for all singers, whether still young in their journey, or a more seasoned pro looking to take things to the next level." - Anita L.

“Becky is amazeballs. She's encouraging, supportive, generous and loving in her coaching, as well as being a master of her craft of singing and performing. She's an incredible guide, provides wonderful teachings, and is a lot of fun to hang out with. I'd highly recommend working with her!” - Rachel B.

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